Workshops for the year 2012-13:

                                   Workshop about the sound

Every thing which surrounds us in the everyday life, we learnt to know it.
His detection runs mainly through the sense of sight, referring to shape and colour. The sense of touch too may help or be sufficient to identify a thing, as well as sense of smell or taste talking about food.
And the sense of hearing?
During the day the sense of hearing is like asleep, it submits to other senses. And also during the day we are continuously bombed by noises and sounds melting between them. We are so tolerant that we don’t realize them anymore. The buzzing of air-conditioners, of refrigerators, of computers, of running engines is everywhere as well as the humming of people and the ringing of telephones.
In addition to this there’s omnipresent background music. We hear without listening to this sonorous hotchpotch.
But as the night comes our hearing awakes... It wanders around the house being able to recognize every little sound. The drop falling from the tap of the bathroom, the living room door being opened, the ticking of a clock, somebody’s steps. We can even recognize whose the steps are.

Aim of the workshop

What we will try to do is to awake the precious sense of hearing during day time, to discover together that all the things have their own sound.
And that it exists a precise relationship between sound and mathematics.
First of all the sound to be heard has to be in the right quantity (volume).
The sound besides can give us informations about the material with which an object is made, and sometimes also about its shape (timbre).
Dimension of sonorous source on the contrary influence the pitch of the sound.
There are objects with a sound so beautiful they can be… played.
And surprises don’t stop here: there are things able to imitate the sound of other things…

For workshop’s achievement

The workshop is dedicated to children of the age of 6 to 10 and is conducted by 2 teachers.
In order to keep the workshop it is sufficient a place to gather seated children and with space enough for teachers’ movement.
Materials utilized are composed by a set of common use objects (from domestic objects to those used in carpentry) partially assembled to be “played”.
The workshops ends with the song “Quello che conta”, dedicated to Pythagoras, the first one to study the relationship between music an mathematics.
The participation of children is interactive.
All the necessary furniture for the workshop is supplied by the association.

Participants:        1 class, discount with participation of a second
Site of the event: school
Schedule:              to be defined during school hours

Participants:         minimum number of 12
Site of the event: Association's seat, library
Schedule:             in the Association's seat: every 2 weeks,                               by booking;  - CALENDAR -
                              in library: to be defined

“Music is among the sweetest things. And it seems in us to be an affinity with harmonies and numbers; and thus many of the wises say the ones that soul is harmony, the others that soul has an harmony.”
Pythagoras (Aristotle)

       Jazz choir workshop

An extremely rich in musical and linguistic hints the repertoire formed by the italian swing song of the thirties and the forties.
The years of the big swing orchestras which as in United States as in Italy marked the beginning of the long story of jazz. The years of musicians like Pippo Barzizza, Natalino Otto, Gorny Kramer who tried to introduce into Italy the innovative music from overseas, despite the censorship of that time, but proposing it in an Italianized version.
A music which more or less consciously has influenced the subsequent musical taste and laid the foundations for a provocative and unconventional style of song.

Aim of the workshop

To propose again this repertoire nowadays has the taste of the rediscovery of forgotten roots, a dive into history towards meanings and artists who didn't want to settle into the period's stylistic methods.
The arrangements for vocal ensemble, all original, are varied accordingly with the age range and provide parts for two, three, four voices.

For workshop’s achievement

The workshops is dedidicatd to "children" from 9 to 18, for a minimum number of 10 and maximum of 20 and it is conducted by 2 operators. In case of a bigger adhesion it will be necessary to form two different groups.
The workshop is taken in a suitable place to gather the students and the operators.
It's last is of 26 lessons (scolastic year) of 1 hour each comprehending general rehearsal and show.
The assignment of educational materials is provided.

Participants:         1 group, discount with adhesion of the second Site of the event:  school
Schedule:               weekly, to be defined in school hours or extra-
                                school hours.

Participants:         minimum number of 10, maximum 20
Site of the event: Association's seat, library
Schedule:             in the Association's seat: by booking                               from October 2011  - CALENDAR -
                              in library: to be defined

Getting ready:

               Workshop about musical genres

Let's take a song, let's study it in it's structure, let's discover it's musical genre...
And then let's discover the possibility of take it apart and rebuilt it following musical genres which take us from country to country, from a culture to another, from a feeling to another one...

              Syllables and music

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