Crêpe Crêpaz, singer, and Luciano Guarino, guitarist, met playing jazz in 1995, but quickly found out that they had in common a passion for The Beatles music. From then on they started a collaboration that led them to set up a stable duo voice/guitar. They performed both in Italy and abroad proposing a repertoire that ranges from jazz to world music to Neapolitan song, blending it all into an original and provocative style of arrangement they called “funny jazz”.

In 2003 they set up SphinX & GorgÒ, an association that sets itself the aim to propose events, new workshops and the circulation of artistic productions otherwise left out of the sales distribution chain.

The first production of the association was the didactic CD-book “PER UNA VOLTA… la musimatica delle tabelline”, dedicated to primary school children. The project, which also includes some workshops started with idea of setting to music the multiplication tables to help children learn them by heart.
Eleven new songs were composed; one for each number…

Still in the realm of music, the association produced two CDs of the Guarino - Crêpaz duo, “TOTIPOTENS CELLULA” and “BEATLES TRUFFLE”. The first one is a compilation of pieces of Duke Ellington, Carosone, Raffaella Carrà, Tom Jones, Isolina Carrillo…
The second one is of course based on The Beatles’ repertoire.
Both CDs share the unusual style of arrangement, of the interpretations and instruments used (in addition to voice and guitar there are pans, scissors, balloons, blister packs, bottles).

In the literary field, we encounter the novel “IL COLORE DELLA TERRA, IL PROFUMO DEL PANE” by Berlicche.
The author stops her trips around the world to go on a journey through time in search of her own roots, which she succeeds in making our own.
Berlicche has also turned her attention to the teens’ world with “I FACITORI DEL TEMPO”, a romantic novel set in a fantastic Florence, dedicated to the long journey of growth.
Finally two of Luciano Guarino’s story books, “IL LIBRO DEI PETTI DI POLLO”, a psychological survey about a perverted cook interpreted through his recipes, and “LO STRANO CASO DEI NON SCOMPARSI”, collection of “sham” testimonies about people who won a large amount of money in the lottery without it producing a change in their lifestyle.

Founder members:

Diana “Crêpe” Crêpaz – President

Singing from her earliest years, her first encounter with instruments was with the enrolment to the Academy of music L. Cherubini of Florence. Here it started a course which took her in London where she studied jazz with J. Thompson. She worked with different ensembles and musical genres, from new wave to progressive and ethnic research, from fusion to jazz.
Contemporaneously she deals with graphic works in the productions of the publisher Diapason and the association SphinX & GorgÒ.

Luciano Guarino

Acoustic and electric guitarist, after being dedicated to blues, finger-picking, bossa nova he landed to jazz. He composed music for theatre and documentaries.